Thursday, 26 November 2015

Where did November go?

Gosh, what a busy month November has been! I got lots done in between a busier social life than is usual: Christmas cards all hand made, two donated bridal gowns cut and sewn into angel gowns and some, but not all, blocks sewn for the November challenge.
I have joined the local Red Hatters which also meant making a red hat! 
The One Block Wonders have so far been a major learning experience for me, I can no longer hide within my comfort zone of applique and hand and paper piecing. I have had to struggle with the flipping points, lining them all up, fighting in built leanings towards perfectionism! How easy it is to tell myself that its not perfect so chuck it in the corner and stick with what I can do well! No, no, no............... To make matters worse, I love bright clear, I chose to use more muted colours way out of my comfort zone! I am working on the theory that what doesn't kill me makes me stronger!  Yes, of course I have my tongue in my cheek a wee bit but I appreciate that every month I am achieving better accuracy in both cutting and sewing seams.

First block completed!
Four blocks together!

Hubby and I are off tomorrow on a rail excursion south to the centre of the North Island, New Zealand, then a night in a lovely hotel with a sumptuous pre Christmas dinner and home again on Sunday. I am looking forward to that.

Cheers from Julie


  1. Hmmm, not much further to come and visit us, about 1.5 hours or so from Ohakune . Bring your machine and fabric for December's one block wonder. Sounds like you might be staying at the Chateau!!!

    1. Exactly right Jean, down to National Park on the Northern Explorer, bus to the Chateau, relaxing time and dinner with many lovely people. I haven't been to the Chateau since we were just married (50 years in Feb)

  2. I have tried twice now and lost both attempts to comment on your lovely blocks!! so hoping the third time is a charm as they say!!
    I think we all struggle from time to time with the perfectionist bug...don't give up...
    I'm so glad to have been joined on this BOM journey with such wonderful people....thanks for sharing your lovely blocks, I love your Christmas fabric....its fantastic!

  3. Great look fabric and they look wonderful together in a your top. I'm off to a quilting retreat but will post on Monday when I have more time. Enjoy your visit to the National Park.

  4. Gosh, that is a nice design! And color way! ... Very similar to my colors, and same design! And what is this about your comfort zone being appliqué, hand and paper piecing?Your points are looking great! So keep up the beautiful piecing! Seems to me most people start out with piecing and work up courage to try appliqué, hand, and paper piecing! I hope you come to enjoy piecing as much as you like the other methods.

  5. That fabric with the pink trees is beautiful! I love the colors together